About Devise Digital

About Devise Digital

About us

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, working across the globe, we help businesses grow through technology and digital transformation.

We are Makers. The craft of creation is what makes us tick. We failed hundreds of times. And that's OK because it is how we push technology forward. That is how innovation is born. And from that, we take the best practices. We turn them into expertise. Expertise that makes your projects successful. We question how things are done. We challenge you and your business model. We do it so you don't spend what you shouldn't.

Providing value is what business is about. We treat your business as our own. You are a part of our business as much as we are part of yours. There is just so much more to it than people-per-hour. More than code shipped to production. More than what we do. More than our expertise and how we do it. Unpredictable humanity.

Humanity met through the intersection of experiences that lives for the craft. The craft that is devised so many times to make the best outcome possible. Through the communication mastered via digital channels. We are Devise Digital.

Devise Digital Ltd

Registered office:

18 The Old Mill
Glenville Road
BT37 0FU
United Kingdom

VAT ID: GB183869553
Company number: NI622016

About the Founder

Tom Biscan

Hey theređź‘‹,
I'm Tom Biscan, and I help businesses extend their software teams.

In my over a decade-long career as an IT consultant, while working with companies big and small, I've architected multiple projects with over a million monthly visitors. I did that using the latest cloud infrastructure (which I also helped to build). I made my own SaaS. My expertise is in building scalable web and mobile apps and providing excellent online experiences. When you outsource, do you want to talk with a salesperson or someone who has been there?