About Devise Digital

About the Company

Based in Northern Ireland, working across the globe, Devise Digital helps businesses grow through technology and digital transformation.

By building a set of workflow automation products and writing educational material, we are helping service businesses and consultants automate manual and time-consuming tasks.

Over the last couple of years, we helped Fortune 100 company to architect their mobile platform and the app, and automate their development process. Also, we developed multiple proof of concept projects, with focus on the customer's success.

About the Founder

I’m Tom Biscan, and I help businesses to automate their day-to-day operations. I accomplish that by building software tools and integrating existing services.

In my over a decade-long career as an IT consultant, while working with companies big and small, I’ve architected multiple projects with over million monthly visitors. My expertise is in building scalable mobile and web applications and providing excellent online experience.

Devise Digital Ltd

Registered office:
18 The Old Mill
Glenville Road
BT37 0FU
United Kingdom

VAT ID: GB183869553
Company number: NI622016