Workflow Automation for Entrepreneurs

Manage your workflows, deadlines and keep your clients in the loop

If you are building a product or managing client work, you already have your hands full. Add to that all the admin work.

From bookkeeping to client onboarding, paying out bills, hiring, marketing experiments. The list goes on and on. No wonder you are working all day long.

Reality is, many of the tasks are repetitive. Many of them can be automated or at least delegated. Escape the chaos. Free up your time and grow your business.

With our workflow automation solution, you’ll:

  • Create a playbook for your company (imagine all your business systems organised and more importantly evolving as your company does)
  • Automate your recurring workflows (who wants to remember all the little details and order they have to be done?)
  • Never miss a deadline (with the birds-eye view of all the active and upcoming tasks)
  • Send reminders for project progress to your clients (communication is the key; instead of manually sending hundreds of emails, system can do that for you)
  • Deliver value consistently (when clients can see the timeline and all deliverables on professionally looking portal crafted just for them)
  • Integrate with tools you are already using