Avoid costly outsourcing mistakes.

Get quality developers without breaking the bank.

Avoid costly outsourcing mistakes.

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Fair price, fair quality

Outsourcing development projects end up in one of the two budgetary extremes:

Low cost - companies try to save money and end up with questionable code quality (that is if they get anything at all). That option ends up being the most expensive - “you get what you pay for”.

High cost - the quality is there, but things get very expensive. It either breaks the budget, or there isn’t enough budget to complete the project.

The truth is, these are hard problems. Finding great people in the first place is not easy. Are you staying within the budget? Well, not everyone can afford FANG salaries.

So what is the solution? Mid-cost, mediocre results? No. We ensure high quality by making a rigorous selection. But that’s not enough. The only real way to vet developers is working with them. That's how you get to know their strengths and weaknesses. To become a part of our network, developers need to deliver quality work. And quality work is nothing without outstanding communication skills.

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OK, that’s cool when it comes to quality. But how can we do it for a fair price? The answer lies in the fact that our development centre is in Eastern Europe. With an office in Zagreb, Croatia we can offer a fair price and above the market salaries to developers. Note: we said fair, not super cheap. It’s a win-win for everyone. Happy developers, successful projects and profitable companies.

What sets us apart

Choosing a vendor carries many risks. We try to eliminate them as much as possible.

  • Highly vetted

    Having no progress while spending money is a very painful experience. That's why highly vetted is the key. Our rigorous vetting process keeps only the highest calibre of developers.

  • Direct access to developers

    Talk to your developers without a proxy. Extend your team, not your communication overhead.

  • Europe based

    Remote yet European. Bringing the quality with adjustable timezones. We have a headquarter in the UK and a dev team in Croatia. Your data is secure, your time zone overlaps.

  • Outstanding communicators

    Remote work relies on excellent communication. There is never too much of it. Precise updates and daily summaries will keep you in the loop about any progress.

  • Advice

    With us, there is always a more senior person on a team that can help with higher-level stuff. Which language/framework? How to structure the database? Been there, done that.

  • Resilience

    Ever had an issue with your freelancer going AWOL? Not a great match? Things happen. You are safe with us. In an unlikely event of things not working out, we will find you someone else free of charge.

  • Pricing sweet spot

    The right price for the right quality. Great value & transparent.

  • Scalability

    Businesses are not static. Scale up or down, depending on your needs.


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